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Paying for Your Lessons


$25 per 30 minute lesson
$40 per 60 minute lesson 

Lesson fees are paid at the beginning of each month for the specific number of lessons that are scheduled for that month by BOP School of Music.

Payment is due for the month at the start of the first lesson of the month. 



Although we do not offer refunds for missed lessons, one missed lesson per month can be made up if 24-hours notice is given prior to the missed lesson. Missed lessons and lessons cancelled with less than 24-hours notice cannot be made up or refunded under any circumstances.

If you cancel a lesson with 24 hours notice you will be put on the list of students needing make up lessons and as make up lessons time become available you will be scheduled in for the make up lesson.

In the event that a instructor must miss a lesson, we will give as close to 24 hours notice as possible and roll the paid lesson into the following month.