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Accordion Lessons

Sandee Washington

I grew up in a small Polish town in Western Massachusetts. I watched Polka! every evening after supper and all I wanted to do was play the accordion.

The accordion is a 'complete' instrument.  A woman with an accordion IS THE PARTY. And I'm serious. You've got the rhythm, the bass and the melody all in one instrument! Bellows are beautiful, ... stretch that baby out and you can control volume and sustain notes on into infinity . No one ... and I mean no one else can do that. When you play accordion YOU rock the boogie.

Ahem. So. Yes. You want to learn to play the accordion. I will teach you how to read music and step by step you will become a super hero. Yes. The accordion is THAT special instrument. 

(BTW I have a couple accordions for rent so you don't have to put out much money to begin lessons.)