Harmonica Lessons

Sandee Washington

Playing the harmonica is the most fun of any of the instruments.  Obviously that's my opinion but ... ahem. It's so portable. You inhale and exhale into it so it's part of your body. It picks up every feeling you have. All your power (especially if you have a good microphone and amp). I love playing the harmonica.

I started playing when I was 16. I was not a 'cool kid'. But, dang, the harmonica did something for me. It didn't make me cool but it brought me adventures. At 16 I would sneak into bars that had open mics and I would play with bands that were actual bands. And I was just a 16 year old girl. Of course, I only ever played with guys but honestly I didn't notice. I was so high on just getting up there and playing really really LOUD and being a part of the music.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of work behind playing. You have to practice. But, it's like this secret instrument. You never see what you are playing because it's in those tiny holes that only your tongue and mouth feel and "see". And you don't have to read music. I play my accordion from my head but I play harmonica from my heart.

I'd love to teach you. I'd love to teach anyone to play but my passion is to help and support more women playing the blues.